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Susan Oates

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Susan Oates is the owner of a full-service consulting company engaged in providing tailored services for the purchase and sale of personnel property. She has over thirty years' experience in the field utilizing tag sales and other venues.
The company's focus is on antiques, fine arts, jewelry, silver and furnishings dating from the 18th to the 21st century. 
Services include valuations, marketing and liquidation through private or public sale. Services can include packing, shipping, multi-destination moves, and staging for both sales of real estate and tag sales.

Estate Services

Experience You Can Trust

Valuation and Estimates

Pricing for a sale is never an easy task, particularly in times of stress. Susan Oates can provide researched appraisals to determine fair market value when dealing with estate liquidation. She also estimates the likely result of particular sale items as well as estimates for the full realized value of an estate sale reflecting the market conditions of the time.


Tag Sales Services

Experience has taught us that every situation is different and needs and requirements can vary widely. Sue offers complimentary consultations to help clients determine the best course of action for their individual needs including selective referrals to other selling venues which include realtors, moving companies, attorneys and other supporting service companies, 

Susan will organize and publicize your sale including internet tag sale sites, newspaper advertising and her extensive email list of 5000 subscribers through Constant Contact. She is also able to provide alternatives to an onsite sale. 

Prior to the sale of your home or after your tag sale, Sue's clean team can assist in the removal and disposal of unwanted items so that the remaining items display well and achieve the best price. Sue works with reputable organizations and charities which can arrange for pickups and the paperwork for charitable deductions.

Make an appointment for a consultation. It's free. Call Susan Oates at 1(516) 578-3669

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